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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Ask the trainer: “How does a plus-size person start working out?”

Anyone new to working out should start slow to allow their bodies to adapt. If you are plus-size, here are a few other considerations to take before starting a workout routine.

UCookbook: Vegan French toast with apple cinnamon topping

Eating plant-based isn’t all salads and tofu. This vegan take on classic French toast is perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings, or whenever you want a warm, comforting breakfast to start your day.

Worried about your drinking? How to tell if you might have a problem

When does social drinking go too far? Learn to spot subtle signs of alcoholism in you or your friends.

Sustainable, budget-friendly ways to make your wardrobe consciously chic

Fast fashion may be cheap, but the environmental costs are enough to make you rethink that $5 tee. Conscious shoppers share tips on how to create budget-friendly styles without the waste.

Comfort food gets a makeover in these good-for-you study snacks

Fuel your study sessions with these easy (and healthy) comfort food snack ideas.

4 ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships and everyday life

Learn strategies for practicing consent, self-empowerment, and boundary setting.

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